My Special One

I'm sending you a special child
to cherish in My name
For you to love with all your heart
and teach him just the same
For he is not like other babies
nor will ever be
But you can love him just the same
and take care of him for Me
He may not hear, see, or run, or learn
as others do
But he'll be yours
and he will take his guidance all from you
The road is hard
he'll break your heart
you'll cry a million tears
But I promise when he smiles at you
the pain will disappear
I know you'll cry "why him, why us“
but I needed teachers true
And that is why with care and trust
I've selected you
So please don't turn your back on him
although he may be slow
If you'll accept him as he is
together you will grow
He needs to learn the skills of life
for that I've chosen you
And with your love to guide him
I know you'll see him through
Don't try to see the future
I promise that to none
Just live each day for all it's worth and enjoy
My Special One

Four is Enough

cool & creative ... shy
sweet & intelligent ... moody

jovial & friendly ... sensitive


cute & energetic... my special one


New Gadget

my 1st camera
Olympus FE 360
friendly & easy(FE) dan yg penting slim
easy to handle & carry

TQ my dear hubby

131108 - Life Begins at 40

Today I'm 40 ..
Actually my day started last night.
Dinner for 2 .. me & my hubby at our secret favourite place.

Hari ni result UPSR keluar
Alhamdulillah Angah dapat 5A
38 or student SKBRJ dpt 5A
Congratulations to the school & teachers
Malam .. Celebrate birthday dgn anak2
My wish ... shhh ... rahsia
Semoga Allah mempermudahkan perjalanan ini
penghujung yang sempurna
dalam Iman
Life Begins at 40