My Special One at Nasom

Luqman is going to be 6th next June. Cepatnya anak bujang ni sorang membesar. I still remember masa Dr cakap they suspected Luqman autisme and they refer him further to the specialist. That time umur dia baru 3+ years. Hard to describe my feeling. About 1 hour juga dok dengar Dr explain about autism. Then balik tu about 1 week dok google internet. Lepas tu we start planning what to do. First we start with accupuncture for about 2 month every week berulang ke The Tole. Not only costly but also time consuming to us and due to slow progress and tak sampai hati tengok Luqman meragam tak selesa dgn needles kat kepala we try plan B .. homeopathy. Masa tu, all the attention suddenly pergi kat Luqman. We almost forgot that we had 3 lagi anak, nasib baik they understand. Slowly we balanced our attention to all. I resigned from my previous employment with an intention to focus on him. But Allah is Great, He replaced me with new better job, very near to our house. We searched and asked experts opinion .. finally we register him at NASOM center. To cut the story short, he started his one to one session twice a week. His progress is excellent, Aug last year he has been transferred to small group class (but still twice a week). Early this year, I got a surprise call from his teacher asking him to go to the center on daily basis. I terkejut bila cikgu btau his improvement. He is not that far behind children of his age. Alhamdulillah .. I amat2 bersyukur with all this. His only constraint now is he still cannot speak. But I strongly believe he will recover. Just the matter of time.

Luqman tgh pakai kasut kat sekolah.. nak ambik gambar pun kena curi2.

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    My prayer with the boy, Insyallah.