Semi Wordless Wednesday

 My new hobby, kitchen gadget online purchase ...

Sunbeam Mini Cupcake maker bake perfect cupcake in 5 minutes .. taraaa

on d way .. Rachel Allens Double Pie Maker ..


my wish list (hope Mr E read this)

Kenwood Kmix - waaa on offer now .. but still in midst of soft pujuking

mini pizza maker - this one is just to complete my collection - he3

10 portion grill or 7 portion grill will do .. eh..

the price is slightly higher than the small red one that i purchase before ... huwaaa

Everything must have target .. 
the kitchen further renovation should be the 1st in my wishlist

i wish i could have build in oven to complete my kitchen ..  

 enough with my semi wordless wednesday ..


  1. beli guna takpa kak...berbaloi.macam saya ni tak beli pun tak pa...confirm tak buat masak2 ni...simpan dalam lemari buat khazanah ja..hehehe

  2. ha2 Dr Ieda .. few days ago my eldest tanya .. mini cupcake tu blh guna sekali ja ka ... sbb tersangatlah malas nak meng'kuih' lately ...

  3. nk tnye... kat mn beli mini cup cake maker tu?

  4. bibi, hari tu i beli kat sini tapi last unit, next i beli pie maker kat sini dan dia ada juga stock utk cup cake maker ..