So far so good

Just a short note .. hardly write about my study ..
Alhamdulillah .. its all started with just a joke now i'm in 3rd semester already .. hu wooow.  Its just like a dream .. and the changes in me, from a 'malu-malu makcik masuk kelas', now i 'dah boleh masuk' dgn the younger student (** and i feel 15 yrs younger .. huh) ... from the old school student who used to find reference books, article and journal in library, now i managed to find in in e-library and google .. clap clap clap.


  1. waaa...good for u..belajaq apa kak?
    dulu saya semangat juga nak study bisnes tapi bila ada family ni rasa macam tak dan nak cover plk.

  2. me,
    study apa la ni?
    gooooooood luck.


  3. Dr Ieda & Dr Ira .. hu3 baru nak merangkak2 buat mba. Tupun sbb now ada weekend class kat uumkl .. (pehh alasan ..) but i salute those yg dtg from Sarawak for the class .. not only the cost yg beriban2 per month but also the energy to have long journey every weekend ..pastu weekdays masuk kerja