berjumpa kawan lama...

me, Shakinah & Hubby & my hubby
Shakinah, my classmate fr f1-f5, roomate f5, fren, advisor, tutor (ha3 me malas belajar masa sekolah, dia budak pandai), partner naik train dr ASetar till BM, partner balik kg etc, etc.  She is one of my model/idola for/to be a very good fried.  After SPM, me rapat dgn my matrix & uni friend, but she without failed will sent at least a card on every raya .. After so long haven't met, suddenly she gave me surprised on my wedding.  Nasib dia tak baik, to have a friend like me, me tak pandai menghargai kawan, i cannot make it on her wedding, nasib baik my mom attended on my behalf.  After so long again, we met at ICU, she was a doctor in charged when my late grand father admitted there.  After that, back to our normal routine raya card exchange every year, suddenly my mom inform me that she was a regular patient of Dr Shakinah's clinic.  Ermm looks like my mom, penyambung silaturrahim persahabatan kami.  Few times visited her at her clinic, few other time we planned, but cannot make it for so many reasons.  Lately, me missed her so much, pray that Allah give us chance to meet.  Went back to kampung for my cousin's wedding, and have in my mind to 'lari' from the event for a while to see her.  Suddenly my mil inform me that Dr Shakinah was also invited.  Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki untuk berjumpa, not only her but also her hubby at my cousin's wedding.

Shakinah, if you come across this blog, i just wanna let you know that i really appreciate this friendship.  I'm not good at words but i know that you know i really appreciate this friendship.  Semoga Allah merahmati kehidupan Kinah & family ...


  1. dr wan nampak slim sikit banding dulu...pernah kerja sekali dgn depa berdua ni kat kulim..tapi sat ja.

  2. Alamak Ieda, baca ur comment baru teringat. Mesti my mil tak dpt contact u that day, coz diaorg tak de ur number. Maaf bebyk kalau panggilan tak sampai, kami kat sini main harap yang kat kampung. InsyaAllah kalau kenduri my daug, i'll make sure tak lupa kekawn ... taun bila lg tak tau la.