Red + White = Lasagna ..

7 set of lasagna - 3 for Taufiq, 2 for Angah, 1 for my sister and 1 for iqin & abah huh !!!! .. start at 12.45pm (plus time off luka jariku tersepit pintu kereta) .. have to finish and pack by 2.30pm  .. baking hour itself for each set 45 minutes not including preparation of the sauces and 3pm have to make a move to Kuala Selangor & Sabak Bernam.  So can imagine how me melompat in the kitchen .. but finally i'm satisfied, coz both Taufiq & Angah happy (their friend also) and the one in the house also clear just now.

3 ready for packing another 4 in the oven

the cheating white sauce, hee .. opp forgot to add here, i also put in quarter bar mozarella cheese and a cup of milk

the walla red sauce .. half cheat coz also use prego traditional can

Dont ask me for the exact recipe .. the ingredient is as per photo above.  For 7 sets of lasagna, i use 2 cans or prego cheese & herb, 2 cans of prego traditional, 2 x 400g mince meat, 1 can of mushroom .. the rest is what is left in the stock and for oil- enough to cover the bottom of the pot, salt-to the taste ...opps forgot cheedar cheese & parmesan cheese for the topping

Another cheating, or may be this is the reason why the kids love my lasagna .. i only use one lasagna sheet per container to divide the two layer  .. 1st layer red sauce, 1st layer white sauce, lasagna sheet, 2nd layer red sauce, 2nd layer white sauce, cheedar cheese, parmesan cheese  .. meanings that more meat and sauce .. kalau meniaga susah mau untung .. heee...


  1. Wa...nak share recipe boleh???

  2. Diana .. anak2 yg kat hostel kalau balik mmg request sorg at least dua utk bw balik bg kekawan

    Ayu .. boleh .. recipe tak fixed actually yg penting the red & white sauce. kalau nak more vege or meat masukkan jer dlm red sauce to, white sauce tu kalau nak lebih bertali, put more mozarella .. budak2 suka ..

  3. Ayu .. the not so good part is .. minat memasak akak start setelah resign from hartanah .. tak dpt nak share dgn kekwn sana ..

  4. Itulah..xpe..suatu hari nanti kami serbu rumah akak. Akak ada masuk kelas baking ya. Anyway tahniah..yg penting post recipe dlm blog.