Legally ours..

13 years ago when wr decided to purchase property, we just decide and go. We do not have enough cash as downpayment, borrowed my mum & our uncle's money while waiting the fund from epf just enough for down payment and simple extension for kitchen. Loan was set till Mr E reach 55. .. but who knows, its Allah's plan. .. today Mr E went to epf again and decided to fully settle the balance.

We truly agree that epf money is for 'hari tua' but we believed this house walaupun tidak sebesar orang lain tapi istana Mr & Mrs E & family untuk selamanya...

Satu dari misi 'debt free' telah terlaksana. Syukur Alhamdulillah....

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  1. Alhamdullillah tak yah utang2 lagi kan.. dah settle semuanya..