Baked macs. .. 2 years in d oven 2012 - 2013

Happy new year 2013. I m waiting for the year with full of expectation.

1st - i am supposed to complete my MBA this year.
2nd - after this year Ill have only Taufiq at school. ... Iqin already finished her part & Fiqa will follow soon by end of the year

Oh wow... I m getting older & younger coz insyaAllah i'll continue with DBA in 2014

Wahh so much about planning... But pray for the best 2013.

Yang penting nak lupa semua yang sedih2 dan nak bina semua yang ceria2 dan baik2. Moga perjalanan seterusnya mendapat keberkatanNya.


Jemput makan my 2 years baked macs

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