Permulaan 2013

Hari ni turn angah pula. She's a bit upset with the class arrangement. I can see that she struggled hard but Allah have His plan. She tried to hide but as mum i know & i fully aware. Only one word comes from her mouth 'angah ni mangsa keadaan' then she silent. I know my Fiqa. .... the 'aim for the best' person but sometimes she miss the shot sometimes its the situation. Just like last year.. if only when pmr result out she got her actual result she would have been in her aim class Berlian coz her trial result is top 30 but 1st pmr result shows that she only get 7a and she was placed in last class Nilam. Only after rechk & revised she got her actual result 8a but i did not allow her to chg class. In form four all the while she is in range top 30-40.. but year end result her physic drop (still she is the highest in the class) and she got rank 64.. Supposed she shd be in 3rd class but due to new arrangement she has to go to 4th class. .. Thats the reason of her frustration today. What else can i say other than to focus on her spm 2013. I hope 'she' will be back & focus on her aim and not being affected by all these.

Mama akan sentiasa doakan kejayaan angah dunia akhirat...

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