The story of my Roti : Part 1

The story of my roti actually started few years back when Mr E requested a me to make it.  As usual i google thru few sites and blog finally found a recipe that i think i can do, but it turns out to be 'something' that you can throw to the wall and since that i just ignore any posting about bread.  One day at a bakery, again, Mr E voice out his wish that one day he can eat roti from my 'air tangan'.  Again Mrs E have to google, this time she found a creature name 'bread maker'.  Informed Mr E about it, and as usual he agree but i have to search for it, he'll refund the cost.  Walla ... Mrs E happily search found Kenwood BM (some call it bibik melayu, i prefer to call it japanese helper) .. bought, bring back and immediately tried white bread.... but ...huwaaaaa still baling dinding .. nak claim harga pun takut.  Google again 'why .. why .. why' .. i think i found the answer at  Haa the BM recipe already stated put in ingredient in order .. yg dok pi gatai tangan buat mcm uli tgn tu sapa suruh .. siap campur yis dgn air dulu bagai .. haish.

Next :  The trial & error recipe


240ml air
20g susu tepung
Sebiji telur A
500g tepung roti
40g butter
100g gula caster
1st garam halus
1/2st bread improver
1/2st bread softener
1 pack yeast (11g)

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