3 hours

Got call from my doter 11 am today 24.07.09.

Angah : Ma, 2 students kena H1N1, ma kena datang ambik Angah.

Me : ..aaaa ..arrr.. what?? H1N1?? (panic...)

Angah : Hmm ma dtg jer nanti kita citer. Angah tak boleh lama, long queue coz everybody nak call their parents.

Me : Okay, if ma cannot come thari, I'll fetch you after office hour.

Phone off .. thinking. H1N1??? I have to be there fast .. cannot take risk .. enuff headache with Taufiq & dengue last time.

Me : Boss, I have to either take time off or half day off. .... bla..bla..bla (explanation)

Boss : Ok .. you may go now.

Me : Thanks.

On the way to parking .. still on the phone. Got to call Syiqin to get ready & send her to school.

Then call Mr Hubby, informing him that I'm going to KSel to fetch Angah.
Zassssssss driving like #@*&

Arrive at School at 12 am .. Waaah.. I'm one of few earliest parents. The students just finished with their briefing.
Dpt jumpa my girl .. Alhamdulillah she is ok.. no fever no flu no cough.
Have to wait for her to pack.
12.30 we are out from the school area .. stop at Tesco KS .. dunno whether lunch or Q&A session .. after meal immediately drive back.
2.00pm we are already at Rawang .. masuk office start work.


  1. Shariz rasa kes H1N1 ni agak serius. It's just that our govt taknak rakyat panik, tu pasal diorg tak heboh yg kes ni dah meningkat mendadak. take care !

  2. Hi ME

    Hope Angah memang confirm tak infected apa apa. Really lah H1N1 does scare the people out.

  3. tireless mom, Angah ada demam on Sunday tapi by afternoon dah okay. Maybe demam durian kot.
    Shariz, I dont know H1N1 ni serius ke tak .. Tapi WHO dah stop counting the case. Kalau ikut Dr yg i bawa Angah checkup, its the flu, so very difficult to stop it from spreading. But symtom dia susah nak identify sbb lebih kurang dgn flu yg lain, & so far kat Msia cuma Hospital Sg Buluh je yg boleh buat screening.